PE & Sports Premium Funding

What is it?

The sports premium is an allocation of additional funding given to every primary school in the UK to improve the provision of Physical Education, Sports and Competition.  This funding is provided jointly by the Department of Education, Health and Culture, Media and Sport.  The grant has been awarded for the benefit of pupils aged 5-11 years so that all pupils develop healthy lifestyles.

All schools are required to report on the amount of funding received and how this is being used, as well as the impact this is having on pupils.

For 2017 - 2018, Fairway Infant School was allocated - £17,130

Expenditure - Total expenditure: £10,727 (includes £89.00 carried forward from previous year 2017/18)

Money remaining: £6,492

This money was used to:

·         Subscribe to Mid Sussex Active (professional development for teachers / competitions and festivals for children / specialist coaches)

·         Employment of a PE specialist to develop our PE curriculum to ensure a whole school curriculum is in place for Early Years and KS1 showing progression across the year groups. Develop planning, teaching and assessment.

·         Resources to support teaching as a direct result of CPD and coaches.

·         Support for target pupils.

·         Apply and achieve ‘Quality Start Award – Platinum’.


For 2018-2019, Fairway Infant School was allocated £17,110

Number of pupils on roll: 158

Amount received per pupil: Based on the standard formula of £16,000 +£10 per pupil (as at January 2017 census).

Total amount received: £23,610.  This includes money received £17,110, plus 6,492 carried forward from 2017/18)

This money will be used as follows:

Mid Sussex Active Membership:

Our local School Sports Partnership that provide a wide and varied service




Organising competitions and festivals

·      Increased pupil participation in a range of different sports and competition activities.

·      Improved pupils’ attitude towards PE.

·      Increased pupils’ awareness of opportunities available in the local community.

·      Ensuring strong, sustainable, effective links to the 2012 Games legacy and Olympic and Paralympic values.

·     MSA partnership report

·     Register of attendance:

        - Netball festival

        - Dance festival

        - Tri-golf competition

        - Multi-skills Festival

        - Badminton Festival


Providing a programme of Professional Development for the PE co-ordinator and staff.  This is delivered through courses and coaches who work with the class teacher to deliver quality PE lessons.

·      Enhanced quality of provision.

·      The sharing of the best practice.

·     CPD records

·     Staff meetings

·     Pupil / staff surveys

·     Coaches / teachers lesson plans and notes from sessions observed:

·     Multi-skills

·     Dance

·     Tri-golf

·     Badminton

·     Netball

Providing specialist advice and support from our local Secondary schools.

Specifically to continue to develop our ‘Sports crew’ to support physical activity / competition at playtimes.

·      Increased pupil’s attitudes to sport and competition.

·      Increased pupils’ activity during playtimes.

·      Positive impact on PE co-ordinator and staff to develop knowledge and understanding.




·     Pupil surveys         

·     Half termly ‘Celebration assemblies’

·     Hall display

·     Staff training

Continuing Professional Development




To pay for staff to be released to attend continued professional development courses. These have included the following courses:

PE subject leader courses

PE conference

EGGS co-ordinator meetings

2 Day Forest Schools Course

1st Steps Dance

1st Steps Gymnastics

1st Steps Striking and Fielding

1st Steps Athletics

Jump Ahead training

Pupils and staff to be released to take children to competitions and festivals, then teach it to the rest of the year group.

Transport to festival

·      Positive impact on all staff

·      Develop new members of staff skills

·      More confident and competent staff

·      Enhanced quality of teaching and learning

·      Sharing good practice

·      Year 2 children being empowered to grow in confidence and become leaders themselves.

·      Build cross-curricular links – active lessons throughout the curriculum

·     Register of attendance

·     Staff to deliver training to other members of staff during staff meetings and coaching:

-      Netball Festival

-      Multi-skills festival

-      Course feedback

-      Badminton Festival

·         Pupil surveys

·         Teacher observations of pupils at events and returning to lead their peers.






To buy rewards to support the Sports Crews playground challenges.

To buy equipment to support the delivery of ‘Sports Day’.

Dance workshop

Road Safety Magic Show


·      Raise pupils’ involvement in playground activity and challenge.

·      More competent confident staff.

·      Enhance quality of teaching and learning.

·      Develop pupils confidence and ability to take part in competitions and perform in front of an audience.






·     Pupil surveys

·     Pupils playground activity and competition

·     Lesson observations and curriculum plans

·     Sports day


Support Inclusion




Pupils to attend ‘Inclusion Festival’

·      More confident and competent staff and pupils

·      Enhanced quality of teaching and learning

·         Pupil feedback from ‘Inclusion Festival’


‘Year 1 Sports Festival’ (St Peters)




Pupils to compete against another school.

Pupils to experience different types of sport, delivered by professional coaches

·         Encourage and engage children in a wide range of sport.

·         Support them to complete against their peers.

·         Pupil surveys

·         Teacher observations


Support for target pupils




To support pupils to develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

·      Target pupils are more active on a regular basis.

·      Target pupils are sustaining concentration in class

·       Attendance records

·       Pupils attitude to exercise

·       Pupils are making progress in other areas of the curriculum

Develop and increase physical activity




Install ‘Daily Mile’ trail on the school field

Open day to launch the new track ‘The Great Pancake Race’.

·         Increase physical activity during the school day, supporting children to get the required 60mins per day.

·         Support sustained concentration during all lessons and subjects.

·         Support and promote children living a healthy lifestyle.

·         Support wellbeing of adults and children at Fairway.

·         Promote and support inclusion.

·         To make full use of school grounds at all times of the year.

·         Fewer playground incidents as pupils have a larger area to play in at playtimes.

·         Raise money to extend and develop our active outdoor space, therefore encouraging more pupil activity.

·         Staff and pupil questionnaires

·         Staff and pupils attitude towards exercise

·         Children’s progress in subjects across the curriculum

·         Displays

·         Timetables

·         Pupil voice




Maths of the Day (MOTD)




Attend the ‘Maths of the Day’ course

Buy the ‘Maths of the Day’ online resources

Deliver a staff meeting to train all members of staff

·         Increase physical activity in maths lessons.

·         Support teachers in planning and delivering an active and fun maths curriculum.

·         Adopt the MOTD ideas across the curriculum, therefore increasing activity throughout the day.

·         Provide parents with active maths ideas to play with their children at home.

·         Books and planning monitored by Maths subject leaders.

·         Lesson observations

·         ‘Motty’ mascot celebration of work assembly

·         Hall display

·         Homework  

Begin to develop an Outdoor Adventure curriculum




Staff to work together to begin to develop and plan a cross-curricular Outdoor Adventure scheme for the whole school

2 Day Forest School course

Once the Outdoor Adventure Scheme has been complete we hope that this will impact the following:

·         To support cross curricular links.

·         To develop children healthy lifestyles

·         To support children’s wellbeing.

·         To support and develop staff working collaboratively.

This development has just begun so we will be able to report more on this during 2019/20

Total expenditure: 20,025.64

Money remaining:£3,584


  • All staff have greater confidence to plan and teach all areas of the PE curriculum.
  • Teaching staff are competent when planning and assessing children of all abilities to ensure progression in their ability and enjoyment of PE and Sport.
  • The ‘Daily Mile’, ‘Sports Crew’ and ‘Skipping Zone’ is embedded in supporting all our pupils to be become increasingly more active and competitive during the school day.
  • Sports Crew continue to develop leadership skills and become role models for younger children.
  • Pupil activity is increased across the curriculum, particularly in maths.

The funding will continue for 2019-2020

We propose to use this money for the following:

  • Subscribe to Mid Sussex Active
  • Professional development
  • Observe and monitor the provision for teaching and assessment
  • Apply for the ‘KS1 Quality Start’ Platinum Award
  • Plan and deliver an ‘Outdoor Adventure’ curriculum across the whole school.
  • Further developments that come to light as the year continues